Senior M.E.T. Technician Accreditation (Preparation and Assessment)




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IMI Accreditation Mechanical Electrical Trim (MET), formerly ATA, is for technicians whose job role involves the repair of vehicles typically involved in accidents or similar incidents.

This preparation and assessment is for MET Technicians who are not currently in possession of a Senior IMI Accreditation and who therefore need to take the full assessment.


This accreditation will demonstrate your competence to assess and prepare vehicles prior to the removal of mechanical and electrical components (disconnected battery, fuses etc).

You will show the ability to replace a headlamp (Xenon type headlamp) to the vehicle specification and accurately refit the vehicle trim without causing damage to components or the vehicle itself.

You will be able to adjust the components in line with the manufacturer’s settings, including alignment of the bumper and any vehicle safety systems.


Preparation and assessment for the following modules:

  • AOM-002: Cosmetic Panel Alignment.
  • AOM-003: Cooling Systems Components.
  • AOM-004: SRS - Scan Tools.
  • AOM-006: M.E.T. Complex.
  • AOM-007: Vehicle Electrical - Complex Fault Finding.
  • AOM-008: Vehicle Suspension.
  • AOM-012: Four Wheel Alignment - Return to Specification.
  • AOM-013: Four Wheel Alignment - Interpretation of Data.

More Information

Download IMI Senior MET Technician Factsheet


13/05/2020 - 15/05/2020

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