Senior Paint Technician Accreditation (Preparation and Assessment)




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IMI Accreditation Paint, formerly ATA, is for technicians whose job role involves the repair of vehicles typically involved in accidents or similar incidents.

IMI Accreditation provides proof of your current competence and recognition of skills. Accreditation complies with industry-agreed standards and codes including BS10125 / PAS 125, which is required for working on accident-damaged vehicles.

This preparation and assessment is for Paint technicians who are not currently in possession of a Senior IMI Accreditation and who therefore need to take the full assessment.


This accreditation will demonstrate that you are able to identify the new panel substrate to be painted and have the ability to access, understand and interpret Material Safety Data to identify hazards on the products to be used. You will show competence when cleaning new panel surfaces to a high standard, ensuring they are free from contamination before applying foundation materials.


Preparation and assessment for the following modules:

  • AOM-219 : Application of a Wet on Wet Primer.
  • AOM-222 : Spot / Rapid Repair on Clear Over Base Finish.
  • AOM-223 : Application of a 3 Stage Pearlescent Finish.

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