Senior Panel Technician Reaccreditation via AOM (Preparation and Assessment)




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IMI Accreditation Panel, formerly ATA, is for technicians whose role involves the repair of vehicles involved in accidents or similar incidents.

IMI Accreditation provides proof of your current competence and recognition of skills. Accreditation complies with industry-agreed standards and codes, including BS 10125 / PAS 125 which is required for working on accident-damaged vehicles, as well as providing proof of welding competence through assessment module AOM 009.

This preparation and assessment is for Panel Technicians who wish to retain their Senior IMI Accreditation by following the Assessed Outcome Modules route.


This accreditation will certify your competence in assessing and preparing a vehicle before the removal of mechanical and electrical components (disconnected battery, fuses etc).

You will know how to store components safely and suitably in designated areas, using the correct storage procedures, and how to replace and adjust components to meet vehicle specifications and settings.

You will have complex knowledge of Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET) techniques/methods used for removing and replacing vehicle apparatus.


Preparation and assessment for the following modules:

  • AOM-006: M.E.T. Complex.
  • AOM-030: Welded Panel/Section MAG/MIG Braze/Bond/Rivet.

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